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Mercedes Cano helped us out so much, my husband and I have been together for well over 7 years and got married about 2 years ago we decided it was time to to get an immigration lawyer to assist in the paperwork process and it was well worth it, She helped us out and we started the process and got approved within the month after our interview we had been approved the DAY OF!! (more…)
Jessica Ramirez
Damos Gracias a Dios primeramente y luego a la Dra. Mercedes S. Cano y su equipo de trabajo por su excelente labor, atenciones, gestiones, eficiente seguimiento y dedicación en todo el proceso de residencia de nuestra familia, la Dra. Cano es una excelente profesional, altamente responsable, amable, que siempre nos mantuvo informado de todo el proceso, por tanto recomendamos sus excelentes servicios profesionales. (more…)
Familia Acosta Duarte
My wife and I met with Mercedes in March of 2015. We also met with a few other lawyers that month to plan for her change of status after our wedding. Originally we had just met for a consultation but her consultation was so thorough and confident and up to date that we decided it would be worth it to go the extra mile and save up for a few months to hire her for our case. (more…)

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Avoid Immigration Scams

Avoid Immigration Scams

If you have questions about your immigration case call USCIS customer service at 800-375-5283, or make an InfoPass appointment at

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Criminal Defense

Our focus in criminal defense has been offering possibilities to our clients with few consequences of immigration, if possible. If you have been cited (issued a subpoena) or arrested, you should consult with us to receive advice.


Immigration laws apply to any person who is not born in the US, regardless of whether the person ever became a US citizen. In the office of Mercedes Cano we have 20 years of experience defending immigrant families in the US.


The application of American visa is a process that must have the right advice depending on the objectives of each traveler; it is why we support this process through a personalized advice at the proper time, to avoid fatal mistakes and bad experiences in the US.


Insurance provided by a portion of salary and medical benefits when the employee has an accident in their working practice.

We have a select group of competent lawyers who will attend your event and enter into their demands.

Family Law

Our office specializes in providing quality representation to immigrants who are in the system of the Family Court. The Family Court procedures often have an effect on a person’s immigration status or ability to travel abroad, especially if there is a protection order against the individual. We offer comprehensive legal representation while ensuring that the immigration status client is protected.

Medical Malpractice

Patients can turn to demands for medical errors and seek financial compensation, in our office we have a select group of competent lawyers who will attend your event and enter into their demands .


Our offices have recognition of the LGBT community, for the fight of equal rights we have defended during our 20 years of practice.


Our experience enables us to accompany divorce proceedings with the will of one spouse or the will of both parties.


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