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Criminal defense

Our focus in criminal defense offers possibilities to our clients with few consequences of immigration, if possible. If you have been cited (issued a subpoena) or arrested, you should consult with us to receive advice.

Citizenships with criminal record | Legal residents with | Criminal record | Deported for crimes | Implications for domestic violence | Drug arrests | Arrests for domestic violence | Arrests for violence against children | Police encounters


Immigration laws apply to any person who is not born in the US, regardless of whether the person ever became a US citizen.  In the office of Mercedes Cano we have 20 years of experience defending immigrant families in the US.

Defend deportations | Adjustment of status- from undocumented to documented | Family and future spouse | Removal of temporary conditions | DACA | Waiver 601-A | Visas | Asylum | Waivers under immigration laws | Residence through youth residence status | Removal of conditions without the help of spouse | Meetings with border authorities


The American visa application is a process that must have the right advice depending on the objectives of each traveler; for this reason we support this process through a personal consultation at the proper time, to avoid fatal mistakes and bad experiences in the US.

How to enter the US | How to protect your immigration status | Errors in your immigration status and how to fix them | Change of status | Denial of visas at the border | Visa procedures | Rights and responsibilities of visitors

Worker’s compensation

Insurance provided by a portion of salary and medical benefits when the employee has an accident in their working practice. We have a select group of competent lawyers who will attend your case and begin your lawsuit.

Medical MalPractice

Patients can resort to a lawsuit for medical errors and seek a financial compensation. In our office we have a select group of competent lawyers who will attend your case and begin your lawsuit.

Errors in prescribing medication | Operations poorly made | Inaccurate therapy | Misdiagnosis | Surgical errors


Our office specializes in providing quality representation to immigrants who are in the system of the Family Court. The Family Court procedures often have an effect on a person’s immigration status or ability to travel abroad, especially if there is a protection order against the individual. We offer comprehensive legal representation while ensuring that our client’s immigration status is protected.

Protection Orders | Domestic  violence | Custody and visitations | Child support | Spouses pension


Our experience enables us to accompany divorce proceedings with the will of one spouse or the will of both parties.

Marriage annulments | Division of marital property | Children and spouse pensions | Division of property in other countries | Protection orders | Pension division


Our offices have recognition from the LGBT community for the fight of equal rights we have defended during our 20 years of practice.

Discrimination | Domestic violence | Arrests | Protection orders | Marriages

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