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Requirements of the Guarantors/Sponsors for Permanent Residence

Requirements of the Guarantors/Sponsors for Permanent Residence

All of the petitions for family eventually need a U.S Citizen or resident to sign a contract with the federal government to take financial responsibility with the applying immigrant. Requirements for these sponsors are becoming extremely strict and are believed that in the near future- if the immigrant does not have a sponsor in their immediate family they can be disqualified for this request.  Currently, these are the rules that exist:

If you filed an application for an immigrant visa for your family member, you will be the sponsor (a sponsor is someone who accepts another person’s financial responsibility); usually, a family member who comes to the United States to live permanently. The responsibility of the sponsor lasts until the family member becomes a citizen of the United States. The sponsor/guarantor must:

Comply with certain income shown on your annual tax return:


  • The sponsors are required by law to submit a Form I-864, Declaration of Support, in addition to the biographical data of the sponsor. The I-864 Form requires income tax information that the person has declared in the past 3 years.
  • In addition, you must be at least 18 years of age and be a permanent resident or U.S. citizen. You must have an address in the United States or a territory or possession of the United States

In general, these requirements signify that you must actually live in the United States in order to be a sponsor/guarantor. If you live overseas, you may be eligible to become a sponsor if you can demonstrate that your residence abroad is temporary and that they still have an address/ home in the United States.

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